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Style Center

Development of a product concept with its further implementation as a design project.

Style Center


It unites all the institute centers’ competence in the sphere of engineering and styling design in order to create innovative equipment samples.

It possesses the full product development cycle from a concept formation up to manufacture of pre-series samples or prototypes with complete technical and expert support up to industrialisation or launching into manufacture.

The center is responsible for a product concept development with subsequent realization in the form of a design project that includes all design stages, such as:

  • Comprehensive analysis of current trends, and project philosophy working-out with subsequent execution in a requirements specification form
  • Development of style sketches based on the requirements specification.
  • Based on the sketch project, creation of mathematical models in the CAD environment with subsequent engineering elaboration and a virtual testing cycle.
  • Photorealistic visualisation of 3D-models in the virtual reality studio for the best image perception.
  • Verification of obtained solutions within scale models and updating of 3D-models.
  • Manufacturing of full-scale physical exterior models and seating-buck interior models with ergonomics verification and elaboration cycle repetition.
  • Prototyping of individual units and elements for detailed elaboration.
  • Creation of operational prototypes based on final 3D-models for the full testing cycle and industrialisation or launching into manufacture.

The center has such innovative design methods and tools as CAD environment development packages, CAD Wall virtual reality projection system, a park of automated machining centers that allow to produce prototypes and mock-ups according to 3D-models of any complexity, as well as the additive technology center capable to produce elements with a unique structure and properties.

The center personnel consists of highly qualified employees having a wide experience in the field of industrial products’ development.

All this makes the Center a unique engineering platform capable to raise the competitiveness of Russian products to the highest level and to win leading market positions.

Gennadiy Tishkin

Director of the center

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Yuriy Chernenko

Head of department "Design"

+7 (495) 456-61-38