State Research Center of the
Russian Federation

2, Avtomotornaya st


Техническое <span>регулирование</span>

Technical regulation

Vehicles and vehicle components conformance assessment, standardization and identification, technical expertise.

<span>Разработка</span> и создание


Development of electronic management systems for all types of engines, automatic transmissions and intelligent systems.

Научная <span>деятельность</span>

Scientific activity

Conduction of research and development with training of skilled staff in prospective areas, training of postgraduate students and PhD candidates, advanced professional training of the industry specialists.

<span>Стратегия, анализ и прогнозирование отрасли</span>

Industries forecasting Center

Access to a wide range of sources of statistical information both at the Russian and the foreign markets.

Проектное <span>управление</span>

Project management

Rendering of services on implementation and monitoring of the Project Management system, as well as methodical support of projects.